Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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leave comments.....I get alot veiws but not any comments....COME ON COMMENT TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL

My New Favorite Song

Yeah I now believe in Jordin Sparks... before with that Tatoo Song was nothing to give hope to but this song makes me cry and just sing along. Oh and Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks need to hook up they look cute together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love Ellen DeGeneres

I don't think the song is all that... and does madona even know what hard candy means? Hard Candy is another name for what petafilers on internet call kids that they think they can molest or something. Yup great title for the album. Ellen DeGeneres sure did like that song. Check out that vid.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Scientologys Latest victims......not you 2 WIll!

Will and Jada are reportedly becoming Scientologists:

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are set to become the latest high-profile recruits into the controversial Church of Scientology, it has been claimed. Despite Will’s rep vehemently denying reports the star is set to join the cult — which boasts Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes among its celebrity members — sources close to the Men In Black star say he definitely is becoming a member of the religion. “He’s been getting more and more involved [in Scientology],” the source tells’s The Scoop. “And it isn’t just him, it’s definitely Jada, too.

I can't believe they got to WIll and Jada....damn you TomKAt. I thought of all people black people had more sense than this.... especially powerful sexy ones. (YES I AM BLACK). This is sad.

Oh and I know alot of people don't really know what scientology is all about so heres alittle help :

I hope all you scientologyy buffs realize you are going to HELL. Hope you enjoy your slow burn in enternal damnation and tell satan I said whats up =).

shanghai I want to go.

My Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here and I am getting the most out of it....just being lazy and hanging with my girlies and my guy. School has been super dull latley and I am glad this week has finally bad its only a week.

I will NOT LOOSE - Toccara Jones

I love it.

You Tell Em Girl

Toccara tells off those dumbasses at celebrity fit club.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sequel already....haven't seen the first

The Sex and the City movie hasn't even been released yet but miss SJP is already comfirming they are in the works to make a second movie. This flick must be pretty damn good if they already have plans for a second.

Oh heres the trailer if you haven't seen it :

So Sick!

St. Pauli x Nike Dunk

Classic Neptunes - Lapdance

Live From London.

Got this from phraells blog but this song brings back some memories.

Fab 50 (top Highschool basketball teams)

1 St. Anthony Jersey City NJ 30-0 1
2 St. Benedict's HS Newark NJ 24-1 2
3 North Crowley Fort Worth TX 38-1 3
4 Chester Chester PA 31-1 4
5 Saginaw Saginaw MI 24-1 6
6 Archbishop Mitty San Jose CA 32-1 9
7 Oak Hill Academy Mouth Of Wilson VA 34-4 7
8 Norcross Norcross GA 29-2 8
9 Gonzaga Washington D.C. DC 31-1 18
10 Wheeler Marietta GA 30-2 14
11 Joel E. Ferris Spokane WA 29-0 12
12 Dominguez Compton CA 32-2 14
13 Mater Dei Santa Ana CA 34-1 15
15 St. Patrick Elizabeth NJ 25-5 11
16 Marshall Metropolitan Chicago IL 29-4 30
17 Abraham Lincoln Brooklyn NY 26-4 32
18 Oregon City Oregon City OR 26-1 19
19 McClymonds Oakland CA 30-0 29
20 Lone Peak Highland UT 22-2 20
21 New Albany New Albany IN 24-0 24
22 Santa Margarita Rancho Santa Margarita CA 29-5 26
23 Simeon Chicago IL 27-3 31
24 Dillard Ft Lauderdale FL 29-2 34
25 Lexington Catholic Lexington KY 29-3 35
26 Holy Cross Flushing NY 22-8 NR
27 Rice New York NY 22-4 5
28 Libbey Toledo OH 21-2 36
29 Hopkins Minnetonka MN 25-1 25
30 Dulles Sugarland TX 34-5 37
31 Ridgeway Memphis TN 31-3 39
32 Bryan Station Lexington KY 30-2 40
33 Martin Luther King Riverside CA 32-3 NR
34 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon NY 23-3 NR
35 Klein Forest Houston TX 33-4 21
36 Taft Woodland Hills CA 27-4 13
37 South Oak Cliff Dallas TX 26-8 NR
38 Yates Houston TX 26-3 38
39 Fairfax Los Angeles CA 27-6 27
40 Westchester Los Angeles CA 28-5 28
41 Hillcrest Tuscaloosa AL 33-3 42
42 LeFlore Mobile Al 30-3 43
43 St. Xavier Cincinnati OH 23-2 NR
44 Helen Cox Harvey LA 36-7 NR
45 Miami Norland Miami FL 26-6 NR
46 Central Omaha NE 25-3 NR
47 Elkins Missouri City TX 31-4 NR
48 Hall Little Rock AR 29-2 NR
49 Webster Groves Webster Groves MO 29-3 NR
50 Memorial Tulsa OK 29-5 NR

oh next to the name is their state and the record and previous rank.

The Burger King Man doing his dougie

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is scary hot

Janet Jackson Blackbook Magazine April 2008..... I think she looks very good on this cover.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Go Rent This/Buy This Movie

Okay I was watching this movie at a friends house the other day and I liked it alot. Nikki Reed plays this part like nobody else could. I am not going to tell you the plot just go rent it please!!

your cool if...

you are cool if you drink vitamin water
I drink this stuff everyday and I really do feel better. I was in bed with the flu and I drank this the whole time and I really did get better sooner. Oh this is so the new starbucks ( you know you look cool drinking this )

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gnarls Barkley - Run

I like this video its got a 80's kick to it and the song is pretty dope...well not as good as Crazy but its something.

The Badess Bitches In Town

These bitches are joke! If you haven't seen this show yet well you are missing out. Its made by the people that made the real world so you know its not a let down.

Watch The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen all the time so toon in.

Swag like a ROCKSTAR babe

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go check this site out...they have some serious cute clothes.