Friday, November 30, 2007

Smarties of Hollywood

1. Judd Apatow, director/writer/producer
2. Steven Spielberg, director/producer
3. James Cameron, director/producer
4. Ari Emanuel, partner of the Endeavor Agency
5. Will Smith, actor/producer
6. Meryl Streep, actor
7. Peter Rice, president of Fox Searchlight
8. Tyler Perry, actor/director/writer/producer
9. David Heyman, producer
10. John Knoll, visual-effects supervisor of Industrial Light & Magic

Take a look of the top 10 smartest people in hollywood. I am not sure on what standards they were chossen but here they are.

Check the Whole List at the Link

Not Cute

Look at this hot ghetto mess (Keyshia Cole) was on 106 & Park yesterday wearing a vest that was not so annimal friendly or cute. Cute little animals had to die to make that whatever that is. I am sorry I just don't find this cute at all

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is sad
Woah click that link....the story is about a 3 year old testifiying that his father killed his mother. All I have to say is there is some serious nut jobs in the world.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hot or Not Part 2

I was thinking these shoes with that dress. They are from the Jessica Simpson collection. They are only 80 and I think they are pretty cute...I just don't know if they go with the dress. I know there is some fashion freaks out there that could help me.

Oh and when I say that dress I mean the one is the last post I did.

Hot or Not

Is this Dress hot or not? Well later this month I have to go to this party fashion show thing for my friend and with the right shoes this could work. Its very out of character but I like it. Its Baby Phat (I love Kimora). Please tell me what you think?

The Real People

I found this on one of my famous researching deals of American Gangster. It shows what the real people not the charcters have to say about what really happened and about how they are pictured in the movie.

The 2nd of many American Gangster Blogs

Warning if you are planning to see AG this may spoil some of it so I would not watch this video.

It gives you a little background knowledge on the story of Frank Lucas. Do realize this movie is based on a real story. I have been researching for weeks and American Gangster has there facts straight (don't get me wrong it has been dramatized and made so it makes a good plot for a movie).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

American Gangster

This movie was incredible I must say. First of all the story was a very passionate and strong one and it was just captured perfectly by the great directing of Ridley Scott and the amazing talents of Denzel and Russell. Most of the time I can see other people playing rolls in movies that could do it better but in this movie I don't think you could find anybody but Denzel to play this part. This movie no matter how many times you watch it (well I watched it like 3 times) still leaves you with this feeling of you being a gangster on top of the world like. Also what I just can't get enough of in this movie is that you don't know if you should love Frank Lucas or to hate him. You want to cheer when things go right for him but then you have to live with the fact that he is doing very bad things. I could really talk about this movie for ever.....hell I think I could have a whole blog devoted to American Gangster. The thing that amazed me was how he went from 70 years in prison to 15 years just by ratting some people out. I believe I am obsessed with it.


Pete Wentz Sex Tape Preview

Woahh let me say this chick in the video sure is not Ashlee.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sexified photos

Robin Thicke and Rihanna were photographed for a hot and steamy spread in GQ magazine. These are very sexed up pictures. I am sure his lovley wife was not so down with this. Well give it a few months and there will be the Robin and Rihanna scandal I PROMISE.

Jimmie Reign

This beautiful young woman is suposed to be the next big thing. She is a new R&B artist from the Bay. I checked out some of her music and it is actually really good. Ussually I wouldn't fall into another fake artist gimmick but she is the real deal. She is very talented and very beautiful. Go check out her single"Trying 2 Be Your Girl".

Yellow Flower

I found these images intresting. They are from a infamous graffiti artist Bansky. I found thse on flicker and they just appealed to me. I am going to start looking at more of his work.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Paramores cd "Riot!" is really rocking. I was on Itunes and I was being risky and bought the whole cd. I am in love with it. Duh my favorite song on there is Misery Business. The lyrics in the cd is very strong and I am a lyrical music listener.


I am so sorry but Beyonce Knowles is getting on my nerves. If there is a thing called over exposed she would be the ring leader. She is everywhere and I know her overall mission is to take over the world.....If she already has not. I need a break.....please Beyonce go in to hiding for alittle bit I am tired of seeing your wigg wearing ass.

Barack The Vote

These Hoodies aren't just political they are kind of stylish. Since Its heading to winter and you are feeling Barack Obama I would order one of these cute hoodies and other aparel.

The Miss Crew

okay yeah this website is super cool.
its for all those miss miss girls who are into art,fashion,music.
I liked it.

Just check it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

thats retarded

Some dumbass residents of Reno, Nevada are mad about a billboard of Beyonce in a bikini and get this they think that it is “ghettoizing”(there word not mine) their neighborhood.

I got this from some article :
“It’s obscene. I have my two little grand kids coming over here, and they don’t need to be seeing that. You can change the channel on the TV, but you can’t change that.”
“If you come out here it now dominates the skyline. It just screams of degradation, it screams of ghettoizing a good neighborhood.”

I say grandma needs to go sit her old ass down someone where. Thats would be like a billbord of faith hill in the hood being taken down because its "whitening" there comunity.

My Addidas

I want these shoes the run dmc adition. I have been looking for some new sneakers to buy and these are it . I have been wanting some old school adidas for awhile and I love run dmc. They are my favorite hip-hop group. I am assuming these are inspired from there song "my adidas".

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Music Philosophy

Really I will listen to just about anything if it is good. There is no genreism over here. I have to admit I am a die hard old school hip-hop fan . I like kickin' it to those old school joints.Thats why hip-hop is trying to bring back the 80's because thats when it all went down.Some of todays hip-hop embarsses me because we have become this pop lock and drop it society. Yes these songs are good to dance to but please don't label with actual hip-hop (because its not). I think Jay-z said it the best : "When a guy says - and this is definitely no disrespect, because everybody has their place - but when a guy says, ‘I can make a mil saying nothing on a track,’ you know you have reached a bad place. Not only did you think about it, you said it. So, [Hip-Hop] is way past salvaging. So, I’m just gonna do what I do. I’m just gonna go over ‘there’ - way over there. This is why this is what it is. I’m going so far over there."
Keep in mind this is not at all everybody there are some pretty great hip-hop artist out there actually rapping about something of importance and have actual talent. I am a born again hip-hop fan I was lost in the pop music but I have found my way back. Besides hip-hop I listen to alot of alternative rock. It is my favorite because it is not so traditional it has a very modern feel to it. I love rock music because it will always have something meaningful to say unlike hip-hop. If you haven't guessed I am very lyrical when it comes to music. The beat can kill but if the lyrics aren't any good I can't listen to it. I like artist that challenge me as a music listener. I am a dancer and I apreciate music with great beat and high energy but I wouldn't label most of it with the real artist out there doing there thing. I could go on and on about this but I will stop now.

Well thats a little of my music philosophy. I would like to hear yours (SO COMMENT).

R.I.P Mama West (UPDATED)

Sadly, Kanye West ’s mother, Donda West, passed away on Saturday in Los Angeles, the rapper’s publicist said late Sunday. She was not only his mother, but his inspiration. Kanye West often spoke of his close relationship with his mom, Donda, who was often seen with him at parties and music award shows.Donda West has passed away. She died suddenly Saturday night in Los Angeles at age 58. Donda West was the inspiration for the song, "Hey Mama," which was on Kanye's 2005 album, "Late Registration." The lyrics include the words: "I appreciate what you allowed for me. I just want you to be proud of me."As much as West expressed appreciation for his mom, his mother often supported her son, especially against critics of his lyrics. In an Chicago Sun-Times interview, Donda West said of her son: "He is telling how he feels and is speaking the truth as he sees it."

The Black Mans Fantasy

Hell yes I love making shoes on for my boyfriend that I will never buy him. Well in all actuality the shoes are pretty cheap. Oh and whats also cool you don't just customize shoes you can also customize backpacks,messenger bag,shirts, etc. Its very neat. I swear this is like candy to the black man my boytoy was flipping out on the phone over some shoes he had made.

Hot as Ice

Well I bought the cd. Yes I know not cool but its better than what i thought it was going to be but that doesn't mean it was good. All the songs seem like its not her singing. It is very computerized sounding. I have to admit the best song on there is Why Should I Be Sad. She is talking about K-Fed in it. I like it. The Cd is very dancy....believe me there will be a bunch of dance teams busting a move to this one. Oh and Hot as Ice sounds like mabe she got her little sister to sing this one because her voice sounds so high pitch and almost child like. Well I guess it has a good dance beat but the lyrics are pretty bad. I say go check it for yourself. This is a former like own every britney cd fan right here so some people may react diffrently.

Rockstar Swagger Hall of Fame : Rihanna Edition

It has been a year to remember for Rihanna. Ever since she lost the cute little girl from the island look and became a good girl gone bad. She did a 360 in my eyes in music and fashion. This dynamic duo combined to create this incredible rare swagger. We don't like to talk about this swagger to much unless the individual has it and that would be the infamous rockstar swagger. Sadly everyone has or will ever have swagger. Since her new album she didn't just get some swagger she upgraded to rockstar status. She has a very rockstar way of dressing but with a hip-hop and glamorous feel. She walks the red carpet in wild color elegant dresses and she hits the stage in poofy black party dresses with army boots. She has a rocking body and the best part is her legs. She keeps those legs slim and trim and ready for action and she is not afraid to show them off. She should get those thing insured. She also leads the champagne in the rockstar hip-hop look. Combining the to could have gone very wrong but with a little bit of both and mix it up you have got something every body is starting to rock. Rihannas old style was not kill in it because it was to "look at me I have a have dressed Island girl Like me.... Sos someone help me get back to Barbados". Since she got rid of that God awful curly wavy weave and cut it short and added a little bob. She is very bold because a lot of black women try to add length and everything but Rihanna proved short hair is just as beautiful. It takes courage to wear your hair short because you can't hide behind your hair and you depend on that killer beauty. Thank you rihanna for setting the bar high on this style you have created or just mastered. If you don't come out with a fashion line I swear you are a stupid bitch. Its calling for it....and it would make you a ton of money. It’s Princess of da Roc. Rihanna we salute you.

Yes I am a big Rihanna fan. DEAL WITH IT.
Next Hall of Famer KANYE WEST.

Red Pumps

Red pumps are a must have for girls. Who cares how tall you are every girl should have a pair of sexy red pumps. Once you slip them on its like another idenity you slip in to. You feel so killerglam. Yes killerglam is my new word to describe everything.

I am very into fashion. I have a very versatile style. I make fashion decisions on how I am feeling that day. Nothing is off limits. If It looks good and I look good in it I will buy it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are taking over the world. I mean at school its like our motto is "wear skiny or go home". I believe in my heart I was peer preasured into buying my first pair of skinny jeans. I felt really "uncool" without them. You never understand the skinny jean until you try a pair on. At first glance the skinny jean seems it is only for the super model skinny girl and in some extreme cases it is. It fits the leg so nice and gives you this model look and alittle confidence to boot.They make you look long and gives you alittle inspiration like you are Audrey Hepburn in that gap comercial. What really looks nice as pictured in the picture are some pumps and skninny jeans. I really believe that every girl must have a pair because they change your life . You can't just have one pair you have to have more than one and in diffrent colars and fabrics...don't just limit yourself to jean.

Here is alitle background knowledge of the skinny jean

sadly the skinny jean is not for everyone. I am sorry fat asses you can't wear them. There are plently of jeans out there that are good for you but the skinny jean is not for you. Curves can work for the skinny jean but not a whole lot. I say this from witnessing the horrible effect of the skinny jean on this fat chick thats at my schoool. I really wish it worked but it doesn't so just don't try. Promise me you won't try!

Think of it this way its called skinny jeans for a reason.

Regina Specktor
these are the actual lyrics to her song...she forgot them lmao.

Regina Specktor recently came to houston at wherehouse live. I went with my baby but this is from another girls camera recording.She is amazing in concert and this just proves it.If you have no idea who Regina Specktor is well now you know.

Oh check out her myspace and website :

My emotional spill

Ever felt like your boyfriend or anybody you care about says something so much you don't believe it but until that momment they say it to you with all there heart and mean it.Today was that very day for my boyfriend. I love him even more. Ussually when he says it I just kinda just take it and don't really think he really means it (its quality not quantity). He could say it all day long but I know he really means it and when he is just saying it. Today was diffrent. He looked me in the eyes and held my hands and said I love you. I was tearing up but I said to myself (man up). I find it hard to say I love you without meaning it because being a teenager nothing is forever and we are very on the spot emotional.

Lonley Girl 15

Okay mabe I am just getting into the Lonley GIrl series on youtube.Well just like everybody else thought I thought it was a real vlog 2.Okay if you don't know what I am talking about read this It helps. Oh and start watching it. Its kind of addicting.At the beging it was so real and good but I always knew secretly this was not for real. The internet is a crazy bitch.

Oh if you are intrested go here and push the arrow down until its to episode one and just start watching.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I walk the line

America Ferra aka Ugly Betty is walking the picket line for the writers strike.
My question is did make up artist go on strike to because Ms. Ferra is looking alittle not so hollywood glamourus.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Cool Kids

This is Mikey and he rocks.
He is from this kind of indie hip-hop group.
Isn't he a sexy black man?

This is not there best song but this is one of there videos. I like it. Its funny how they are singing about bikes.

Mr. and Mrs. President

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I would like to hear who people are planning on voting for in the 2008 president elections.

I am challenging you to leave me comments. I really enjoy peoples feedback.

Don't Hate

This young woman is halarious. You have to watch her videos on youtube. She is very talented.


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