Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Movie Reviews

There Will Be Blood was amazing. I thought No Country For Old Men was easily the best film to come out in the last year but it might be this film. PT Anderson often has his music really upfront; I remember how unsettling the music was in Punch Drunk Love (courtesy of Jon Brion - Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine, Late Registration, etc) but the music in this film was on another level. Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood's score has been described as "searing" and that's a perfect word for it. It elevated the film to a level of intensity that you just have to experience for yourself. Sadly it is ineligible for Oscar consideration because Greenwood wrote some of the music for his performance on BBC called "Popcorn Superhet Receiver". Because it was not specifically written for the film it was deemed unoriginal.
I will give nothing away. See this film.
ps - I also saw Cloverfield. I think I would give it 7 brain hemorrhages out of 10. At the ticket counter they warned us that it caused motion sickness. I didn't think twice about the warning because that's never been an issue for me. About 25 minutes into it, it definitely became an issue. I forced myself to stay until the end and wasn't too impressed with the movie overall. The effects were pretty cool BUUUT the thing is: Anything filmed by a cameraman suffering from epileptic seizures every two minutes, will look "cool". The handheld in this movie was unwatchable - I realise they were going for realism (like you just popped the tape in the vcr and watched whatever was on there) but there is a little thing called simulated realism. I don't need to actually kill an actor to make his death look real do I?? Anyways, I could rant about this for awhile but I recommend waiting for it to come out on video, it might save you a migraine and it's probably how they wanted you to watch it anyways. (JJ Abrams gets bonus points for apparently tying Cloverfield in with Lost and Alias though)
pps - happy 50th birthday to Lego! You definitely had a hand in pointing me towards a creative career!

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patrick said...

finally got to see the infamous There Will Be Blood... Daniel-Day Lewis' performance was top-notch. He takes well to the overbearing, violent father-figure role -- he also did this in Gangs of New York.