Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miss Keyshia Cole...OUR ARTIST OF THE DAY....

... Or better yet our artist of "whenever I remember to change it lol"

Miss Cole has come a hell of a long way! I think that's whats so cool about her! Yes the old saying "you can take the girl out the hood but you can't take the hood out of the girl" is very true with her. I love that she hasn't lost who she is in all her success. I have been listening to her since "I Changed My Mind". She is one of the best songstress of our time. She tells a story with her songs and I love that. I have to turned on miss Keyshia many times after a boy has done me wrong or has broken my heart. Her lyrics up lift you and at a point in time in my life "I Remember" brought me to tears....because I could relate so much with it. Her Cd's "Just like You " and "The Way It Is" stay in heavy rotation on my ipod. Did I mention she has swag like a serious rockstar? I thank you Miss Cole for holding it down for the ladies because God knows we need it it!

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