Friday, April 25, 2008


Well i felt like getting alittle back to some serious blogging roots.
This week has been a unjustifde week (in the media and here at home). I cried hearing about those cops getting off for gunning down that man. He had a new baby. A new baby that shall never know her father because of triger/racist happy cops. What also got me down is a Catholic Highschool in Texas is being shut down and its been open for decades. I know change is supposed to be good but its so hard to let go. Okay maybe I am being a over dramatic blogger or something but really. Oh and this poor man was killed after he was badly injured by a great white shark (how crazy is that). Our world has become so crazy these days. Simple things like this let me escape and blog about things that intrigue me. I hope I am reaching someone out there with my blogs. I can't wait till I go to the big GLOW AND THE DARK TOUR. Its going to be amazing. Oh and I love my school and the people in my life. My boyfriend makes my world so much better. I am so sorry I don't apreicate him enough but he has done so much and its been a great year we have had. I love how my life has changed... I thank God for giving the opertunity to leave what I thought was normal behind and find the life I am supposed to live. I Hope for great years to come. I guess I better stop now because this has become rant. SUPER SORRY!!

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