Monday, April 21, 2008

WTF? Some Billy Joel SHIT? OH NO

Ne-Yo is trying to be "inavative" and step out of what created him and gave him is few stack "urban music" as he calls it.

“R&B star Ne-Yo is promising fans new sounds on his upcoming album Year Of
The Gentleman - because he has become “bored” of urban music. The “So Sick”
singer - real name Shaffer Smith - is preparing to drop his third album in
But the star claims his new LP is different from his previous work -
because he is no longer interested in urban music.
He says, ‘There’s some
stuff on there that sounds like something the Beatles might’ve done. There’s
some stuff on there that sounds like something Billy Joel might’ve done. I can’t
do just straight urban music no more, because to be completely honest with you,
I’m a little bored with it. I’m just moving with what music excites me now
Well Ne-Yo the day you start sounding like Billy Joel is the day me and everybody else stop listening. Only Ye [ Mr. West] was sucessful crossing generes and still keeping it fresh. Oh and another thing isn't Ne-yo still doing shit for his last album and now he is trying to make another one....DAMN.

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