Monday, April 21, 2008

Yes its confirmed Mr. West is back on the market.

Alexis Phifer confirmed to the media Kanye dumped her ass and is trying to work her little fashion line before they stop caring because well her star ticket was with Mr. Yezzy.

“It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends,” Phifer tells
PEOPLE. “I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of
the most talented people I’ve ever met.” Phifer was spotted on the red carpet
sans her engagement ring at an “Evenings
in Vogue” event on Thursday night in New York, where her clothing line, Ghita,
was featured. According to the friend, Phifer and West, both 30, had been
spending less time together in the last few weeks as the Grammy-winning star
prepared for his nationwide “Glow in the Dark” tour. “I haven’t seen [Alexis]
around at all the last few times I’ve seen him recently,” the friend added.

Well another engagment down the hole for Kanye (thats 2 right?).... I think he needs to stop making these life altering dessions and then taking it back because he did that to that other chick he was dating before her....hmmm that model chick.

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