Monday, May 26, 2008

Here I Stand is no Confessions according to the internet crowd.

Well I check up on my daily blogs to get that little fix of my pop culture/ fashion/ music crack before I begin my day and well I was on and here are some "fans" comments on Here I Stand :

"I am so disappointed with this album. I wasn’t a big fan of Usher’s music before confessions and now I’m not once again. I was
really looking forward to buying this album but now it looks like I’m headed
straight to the bootleg spot. He better step his game back up before Chris Brown takes his spot."

"I am a Usher fan but
I’m just can’t buy this CD. I’m not feeling the
passion and intensity in his
voice. These songs are not his vibe. I do commend him for trying something
different but this wasn’t it in my opinion. Confessions was a solid effort
the way around. I really feel this new CD is his worse. Still love him, but not feeling Here I

"I heard the whole album&& THOROUGHLY
dissapointed !its sad that he
cudnt provide a stepup from confessions (which
is favorite!)I cudnt even listen
to every track.nothing was catching my
interest .to be honest I hope he comesout
with Best Thing becauseits the
only one I found myselfenjoying….in the leat

"this is one of the worst albums
I have ever heard in my life. It’s like he
was trying to be Justin
Timberlake, and Robin Thicke. Guess what…he failed! Dude
will probably come
out with another album really soon once everyone learns how
much this one
sucks balls!"

Well I am going to have to buy and listen to the whole cd or just listen to it on for free and be the true judge.

Tell me what to you guys think? Come on you know you want to comment!!!!

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