Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have always known this but as I see some of my friends strugle with it at you can't make someone love you.Yes most people think they can but think about it ...if you have to force them and trick them into loving you (whoever it is be it family or someone who you have relations with) then they aren't " lovin you" they are "lovin this person you make yourself for them". True love doesn't have to be tricked or forced...its natural...this person loves you for you. Yes I admit I have thought this very same thing until I experienced real love. I am especially saying this to my girls that are reading. I know this may not relate to everyone but just think about who you need to be telling this to be it yourself or a friend just spread it because as a girl I know alot of us go threw it all the time. My moto is REAL LOVE OR NO LOVE!!!

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