Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whats with the artist of the day you ask?

Well I am just a big music person. Music effects my life a great deal and its just like breathing for me. I can't go long periods of time without it. I also like all types but I like more "on another level" stuff because "trash" just doesn't make you think the way more complicated and well thought out msuic does. I really apreciate all the artist that can really take me there (where ever there is LOL). Yess I am a big Hip-hop listner but I also love Alternative Rock,Classic Rock,R&B,Emo (yess I said it!),Alternative Hip-Hop (ex.N.E.R.D,Gym Class Heros),Folk,Etc. Yes I can dig mainstreem but I love underground stuff because I feel like I can enjoy it more instead of having a hundred people humming it all the time. Woah this went 360 of what I wanted to say but oh wateva...PEACE!

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