Thursday, July 24, 2008

so you had a bad day...

well more like had bad days...the last couple of days I have been having horrible days...because of overbearing people in my life...especially people that really have no real control on me and I have no ties to them. I am sorry but I belong to me... it doesn't hurt me when you say things that are meaningless (but hurtful...okay i contradicted myself so what).I do the things I do out of the bottom of my heart and no One forces me to do them and it just kills me when I have done so much and then when I make a mistake (this is what humans do) I am scorned like I just threw your puppy out of a window!!! I am starting to vent so I guess I will quit this entry...keep reading/viewing my blog...keep lovin...keep doing what yah doo *MARTIN LAWRENCE VOICE* "GET TO STEPPIN!!"

I have decided I want to have a vivacious words of wisdom...because i know rev run inspires me and I want to inspire my blog readers/viewers!! I think my next post will be that.....asa lama laka ONE LOVE!!!

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