Thursday, November 22, 2007

American Gangster

This movie was incredible I must say. First of all the story was a very passionate and strong one and it was just captured perfectly by the great directing of Ridley Scott and the amazing talents of Denzel and Russell. Most of the time I can see other people playing rolls in movies that could do it better but in this movie I don't think you could find anybody but Denzel to play this part. This movie no matter how many times you watch it (well I watched it like 3 times) still leaves you with this feeling of you being a gangster on top of the world like. Also what I just can't get enough of in this movie is that you don't know if you should love Frank Lucas or to hate him. You want to cheer when things go right for him but then you have to live with the fact that he is doing very bad things. I could really talk about this movie for ever.....hell I think I could have a whole blog devoted to American Gangster. The thing that amazed me was how he went from 70 years in prison to 15 years just by ratting some people out. I believe I am obsessed with it.

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