Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rockstar Swagger Hall of Fame : Rihanna Edition

It has been a year to remember for Rihanna. Ever since she lost the cute little girl from the island look and became a good girl gone bad. She did a 360 in my eyes in music and fashion. This dynamic duo combined to create this incredible rare swagger. We don't like to talk about this swagger to much unless the individual has it and that would be the infamous rockstar swagger. Sadly everyone has or will ever have swagger. Since her new album she didn't just get some swagger she upgraded to rockstar status. She has a very rockstar way of dressing but with a hip-hop and glamorous feel. She walks the red carpet in wild color elegant dresses and she hits the stage in poofy black party dresses with army boots. She has a rocking body and the best part is her legs. She keeps those legs slim and trim and ready for action and she is not afraid to show them off. She should get those thing insured. She also leads the champagne in the rockstar hip-hop look. Combining the to could have gone very wrong but with a little bit of both and mix it up you have got something every body is starting to rock. Rihannas old style was not kill in it because it was to "look at me I have a have dressed Island girl Like me.... Sos someone help me get back to Barbados". Since she got rid of that God awful curly wavy weave and cut it short and added a little bob. She is very bold because a lot of black women try to add length and everything but Rihanna proved short hair is just as beautiful. It takes courage to wear your hair short because you can't hide behind your hair and you depend on that killer beauty. Thank you rihanna for setting the bar high on this style you have created or just mastered. If you don't come out with a fashion line I swear you are a stupid bitch. Its calling for it....and it would make you a ton of money. It’s Princess of da Roc. Rihanna we salute you.

Yes I am a big Rihanna fan. DEAL WITH IT.
Next Hall of Famer KANYE WEST.

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